WANG Xingfu
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NameXingfu WANG                      

Date of Birth: Oct 1962        Nationality: China

Office: Room 2613 Guanghua Western Main Building

Office Hours: 3-5 pm, Wednesday

Tel86-21-55665106           Email:

Duties: Full professor, Vice-director of Center of Contemporary Marxist Studies Abroad.

Personal Experience: 1979-1983, studied in Anhui University, received bachelor degree; 1986-1989, Fudan University, master degree; 1995-1998, Fudan University, doctor degree. 1998-2000, worked in school of economics in Fudan University, post-doctorate; 2005-2006, visiting scholar of Freeman Fellowship program, TheUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; now professor,School of Philosophy, Fudan University.

Research Fields: Continental Philosophy; Western Marxism

Major WorksOut of Dilemma: Habermas Reflection on Modernity(2000);Toward the discourse theory of Democracy(2002);Distributive Justice and Social Security(2003);Social Justice(2009)   


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