Wu Meng
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Wu Meng   

Contact Information

Office: Room 2612, western main tower of Guanghua Building

Office hours: 3:30-5:00 PM, Wednesday

Office phone: +86- 21- 6564 3023 (o)

Email: wumengfudan@vip.163.com



Date of Birth:  October 15, 1975   

Nationality:  Chinese



2001-2004    Department of Philosophy,Fudan University ( with Ph.D)

1998-2001    Department of Philosophy,Fudan University (postgraduate student)


2004 to now Department of philosophy, Fudan University (Lecturer, Associate Professor)


Research Interests:

Marxist philosophy & contemporary French philosophy


Some Positions:

Marx’s Capital and its manuscripts; Marx’s philosophy and epistemology; Recent French Marxist theories.




 The End of Cultural Power :Dialogue with Foucault (monograph, Sichuan Renmin Publishing House, Chengdu, 2004)

 On Michel Foucault’s Theory of Discourse (monograph , a revised edition of The End of Cultural Power :Dialogue with Foucault , Jiuzhou Publishing House, Beijing, 2010)

Academic Papers:


 Go to Permanent Peace: from Kant to Rawls (article)

The Real Meaning of Equality (article)

On the Main Approaches in Contemporary French Marxist Studies (a series of articles)

On the Fetishism of Commodities (article)

A Comparative Study on Dewey’s Concept of Experience and Marx’s Concept of Practice (article)

The Predicament of Althusser’s Reading of Marx’s Capital and the Roots of it in the Horizon of Phenomenological Theory of Meaning (article)

 The Meaning of “Self-Consciousness” in the Horizon of Phenomenological Theory of Meaning: The Philosophical Vision of Marx’s Doctoral Dissertation (article)



Marx’s Capital and contemporary philosophy; Introduction to some philosophical classics; The history of Marxist Philosophy, etc.

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