Yu Wujin
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Yu Wujin

Room7-1302, 178 Han Dan Road, Shanghai 200437, PR China

Telephone:0086-21-55385630(H); 0086-21-55664485(O)

E-mail: yuwujin@hotmail.com; yuwujin@fudan.edu.cn

Sex: male
Birthday: June 21,1948
Birthplace: Zhe Jiang province in PR China
Health: excellent
Marital Status: married
Citizenship: PR China
1978-1982: Philosophy Department, Fudan University, BA
1982-1984: Philosophy Department, Fudan University , MA
1986-1992: Philosophy Department, Fudan University. Ph.D.
1988-1990: Visiting Scholar Supervised by Prof. Dr. Iring Fetscher, Frankfort University, Germany.
1997-1998: Visiting Scholar at the Philosophy Department, Harvard  University, USA.
1984.12-1987.6: Assistant Professor, Fudan University.
1987.7-1993.3: Associate Professor, Fudan University.
1987.4-present: Full Professor, Fudan University.
1999.5-6: Lectures at Fu Ren University, Tai Wan University and Qing Hua University, in Tai Wan.
2000.4.1-23: As a Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer, giving lectures at The University of Hawaii, Central Washington University, Iowa State University, Grand Valley State University, Catholic University of America, Hood College, Juniata College, in USA.
2000.7-2005.2: Special Engaged University Professor, Fudan University.
2005,3-2008.2: Special Engaged Chang Jiang Professor, Ministry of National Education.
2008.3-Present: Special Engaged University Professor, Fudan University.
Some Positions:
Member of the Committee of Philosophical Valuation, the State Council.
Member of the Committee of Social Sciences, Ministry of National Education.
    Vice-Chairman of The Committee of Academic Degree, Fudan University.
    Vice-Chairman of Academic Committee, Fudan University.
    Chairman of the Committee of Humanities Academy, Fudan University.
    Director of the Institute for Morden Philosophy, Fudan University.
一、          Books(18 books have been published by Yu Wujin)
1.Transition of Problem-Domain :A Contemporary Interpretation of the Relationship between Hegel And Marx , People’s Publishing House, 2007.
2.Revaluation of Tradition And Moving of Thought: on the Contemporary Marxism Aboard, HeilongJiang University Press, 2007.
3.Re-understanding of Marx, Beijing Normal University,2005.
4.From I.Kant to K.Marx, Guangxi Normal University Press, 2004)
5.Selection for Dispersed Sands, People’s Publishing House, 2004.
6.Modernity phenomenology, Shanghai Social-Science press, 2002.
7.Hermeneutics of Praxis, Yunnan People’s Publishing House, 2001
8.Anthology of Yu Wujin(2),Shanghai Xue Lin Publishing House,1998.
9.Anthology of Yu Wujin(1), HeilongJiang Education Press, 1995.
10.Translation of Cultural Codes, Shanghai Yuandong Publishing House,1995
11. Seeking New value-Coordinate, Fudan University Press,1995.
12.Deng Xiaoping: On the Historical Scales, Shanghai People’s Publishing House,1994.
13.On Ideology, Shanghai People’s Publishing House,1993.
14.Mao Zedong’s Wisdom, Shanghai People’s Publishing House,1993.
15.Puzzle of Existence: On Western History of Philosophy and Culture, Shanghai Culture Press, 1993.
16.Philosophical Schools in the Contemporary Marxism Aboard, Fudan University Press,1990.
17.Problems out of Problem-Domain: On Methodologies of Contemporary Western Philosophers, Shanghai People’s Publishing House,1988.
18.Thinking And Transcendence: A Philosophical Dialogue, Shanghai People’s Publishing House,1986.
二、          Academic Papers(Over 200 academic papers have been published by Yu Wujin since 1980. The following main papers have been published on authentic magazines)
1.Cultivating the Cultural Soil for the idea of Justice as Fairness, Social Sciences in China( Chinese), 2009-1
2.The Two Kantian Notions of Causality: An Analytic Enquiry, Social Sciences in China(English), August,2008.
3.Marx’s Sublimation of the Ontology of Matter, Philosophical Researches( Chinese), 2008-3.
4. Historical Facts And Objective Law, Historical Research 2008-1.
    5.Declaration of the Aesthetics of Comedy, Social Sciences in China(English), Spring 2007.
    6.Hermeneutics of Capital, Philosophical Researches(Chinese), 2007-1.
7.On Marx’s Interpretation of the Legacy of Classical German Philosophy, Social Sciences in China(English),2006.
8.How to Understand Nietzsche’s Word “God is Dead” ?, Philosophical Researches(Chinese), 2006-5.
9.From Homogeneity to Heterogeneity of Thinking And Being, Philosophical Researches(Chinese), 2005-12.
10.Drawing Inspiration from Marx’s Diagnosis of Modernity, Social Sciences in China(English), Summer,2005.
11.Thing,Value,Time and Freedom: Consideration on Key Concepts of Marx’s Philosophy System, Philosophical Researches(Chinese), 2004-11.
12. Modification of the Narrative Mode of Historical Materialism: Seen from the double Functions of Science and Technology, Social Sciences in China( Chinese), 2004-1.
13.Marx’s Philosophy as the theory of Universal Production, Philosophical Researches(Chinese), 2003-8.
14.From Moral Evaluation to Historical evaluation: A perspective Transformation in the development of Marx’s Theory of Alienation, Social Sciences in China(Chinese), 2003-2.
15.How to Understand Marx’s Concept of Praxis?, Philosophical Researches(Chinese), 2002-11.
16.Hegel’s Logic As A outline of the History of Philosophy, Philosophical Researches(Chinese), 2001-11.
17.Methodological Reflection on Studies of Marx’s Philosophy, Social Sciences in China(Chinese), 2001-5.
18.Marx’s Sublimation of the Tradition of Western Philosophy, Social Sciences in China(Chinese), 2001-3.
19.Being, Natural Being And Social Being, Social Sciences in China(Chinese), 2001-2.
20.The Three Concepts Of Philosophy of Economy, Social Sciences in China(English), Winter 2000.
21.New Consideration of Marx’s Conception of Time and Space, Philosophical Researches(Chinese), 1996-3.
22.On two Different Conceptions of Historical Materialism, Sciences in China(Chinese), 1995-6.
23.Re-Understanding the Relationship between Marx’s and Hegel’s philosophy, Philosophical Researches(Chinese), 1995-3.
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