Zou Shipeng
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Name:Zou Shipeng


Contact Information

Office:2308 Guanghua West Main Building

Office hours: pm 1600—1730Tuesday

Office phone: 021-55664317

Email: zoushipeng@hotmail.com



Zou Shipeng, hometown:Enshi.Hubei Province.China, Professor, doctor supervisor, school of philosophy, chairman of Marxist Philosophy teaching and research section, vice chairman of center for contemporary marxism aboard at Fudan Universitya national key center directed to ministry of education, Changjiang Distinguished Professor(awarded by ministry of education, China) , member of the seventh discipline appraisal group of the national council, vice president of the national economic philosophy research.



1983-1986:Chinese Medicine,Hubei University for Ethnics

1990-1993:Philosophy Department,Jilin University,MA

1996-1999: Philosophy Department,Jilin University,Ph.D

1999-2001:Postdoctoral research, Philosophy Department,Wuhan University

Aug.2003- Feb.2004:Visiting Scholar, Catholic University of American. Washington D.C, Process center at Claremont. Los Angeles.

Teaching Positions and practice:

1986.8-1990.8:, worked as a doctor for 4 years in grassroots health center

1993.3-1999.10: Asistant,Lecturer, Dept. of Political Science,Northeast Normal University.Chuangchun.China

2000.5-2005.6: Philosophy Department,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Feb.2002,professor,served as director of the department of philosophy and deputy dean of school of humanities

2005.6-Present:School of Philosophy, Fudan University.


Research Interests:

Marxist Philosophy, Western Marxism, Modernity Studies, Social and Political Philosophy.

Specialities:Existential-Ontology,Human Studies,the History of Marxist Theory, theFrontiers of Marxism Abroad and Radical Theory, Social Theory and Modernity, Contemporary Analysis of Spiritual Culture, Research on National and Ethnical Issues.


Recent Research Priorities:

Nihilism, the Historical Materialism and Enlightenment, Classical Sociological Theory and Modernity, Spatial Turn and Radical Social Theory, Chinese Path and the Analysis of Chinese Social Reality, Research of Chinese Multi-ethnic Issues.




On Existential-OntologyShanghai People’s Publishing House,2005.

Practical-Existential-Ontology, Guangxi People’s Publishing House,2002.

Existential-Ontology Foundation of Human Studies,Huazhong University of Science and Technology press,2001.

Human Studies, Yunnan People’s Publishing House, 2001.(coauthor)

Globalization and the Ontological Difference, Hubei People’s Publishing House, 2006.(coauthor)

Rethinking MarxWashingtonD.C2007.

Communication across Cultures the Hermeneutics of Cultures and Religions in a Global AgeWashingtonD.C2008.

Research Report of Marxism Abroad,People’s Publishing House,2007,2008,2009.(executive editor)

The Rise of Radical Politics—Contemporary Interpretation on Manuscript for the Political and Legal Philosophy Critique in “German-French Yearbook” ,Fudan University Press,2012.

The Way to Transform--Continue to Explore Existential-Ontology,Social Sciences in China publishing House,2013.

Social and Culture Trend in Thirty Years,Fudan University Press,2012.

Yearly Report on Studies of Marxism Abroad(2007-2009),Executive Editor In Chief. People Press. Beking.2007.2008.2009

Academic Papers:

China-characterized Marxism and the Chinese Modernity Construction,Social Sciences in China(English), Summer.2005-1.

The Materialized of Spiritual Life in the Modern Era,Social Sciences in China,2007-5.

Marx’s Discovery, Critique and Reconstruction of the Society of Modernity,Social Sciences in China,2009-4.

ExistentialTurn and Contemporary Philosophical Transform,Philosophical Researches,2001-12.

On Existential-Ontology:Identification and IntrospectionPhilosophical Researches2003-8.

How the Existential-Ontology Research Is PossiblePhilosophical Researches2006-12.

Surpassing and Transforming Enligentenment by Historical MaterialismPhilosophical Researches2008-6.

Return to the Paradigm of Historical Materialism ResearchPhilosophical Researches2010-1.

Historical Conception of Materialism and Enlightenment Reanalysis,Philosophical Researches2011-3.

Why Marx Stay at the Radical DemocracyPhilosophical Researches2012-5.

Marx’s Critique on Classical Liberalism and Its Effect on the History of Ideology,Philosophical Researches2013-10.

National spirit under the framework of nation statesPhilosophical Researches2014-7.

Attempt to Reset the Capital Logic-- Comment on “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”Philosophical Researches2015-1.



Undergraduate Courses: Social theory, Introduction to Philosophy.

Postgraduate Courses: Frontier Research of Marxist Philosophy, Society and Culture Theory of Modern, Chinese Marxism and Contemporary.

Honorary Titles

Yangtze river scholars Distinguished Professor2015

Baosteel National Outstanding Teachers Award,2002.

The New Century High-Level Talents Program,Hubei province, 2002.

The First Batch ofNew Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education, China,2004.

Guanghua Scholars Program, Fudan University,2009.



“Human Studies”, acquired China Book Prize, 2002.

“Human Studies of Existential-Ontology Foundation”, won the 3rd price of Hubei humanities and social sciencesoutstanding achievement award, 2003.

“Renaissance of Political Philosophy in Present and Tradition of Marxism Politics Philosophy”, won the 3rd price of Shanghai humanities and social sciencesoutstanding achievement award, 2008.

“On Existential-Ontology”,won the 3rd prize of the fourthchinese universities humanities and social sciencesoutstanding achievement award,2009.

“Marx’s Discovery, Critique and Reconstruction of the Society of Modernity”, acquired the 3rd price of Shanghai humanities and social sciencesoutstanding achievement award,2010;acquired the 3rd price of the fifthchinese universities humanities and social sciences outstanding achievement award,2012.

“Historical Conception of Materialism and Enlightenment Reanalysis”, won the 3rd price of Shanghai humanities and social sciencesoutstanding achievement award,2012.

“Consciousness of Theory and the Studies of Philosophy and Social Science in Today’s China”, won the 3rd price of Shanghai humanities and social sciences, and Deng Xiaoping theroy research and propaganda outstanding achievement award,2012.

the Frontier Research of Marxist Philosophy”,acquired 1st prize of Shanghai outstanding educational achievement award,2013.

“the Rise of Radical Politics”won the 2nd price of Shanghai humanities and social sciencesoutstanding achievement award,2014; won the 3rd price of the sixth chinese universities humanities and social sciencesoutstanding achievement award,2015.

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