Xu Hongxing
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Xu Hongxing


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Office:Room 2408, West Main Guanghua Tower

Office hours:

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Email: hongxingxu@fudan.edu.cn



Prof. / Ph.D. Xu Hongxing, was born in Shanghai P.R. China in 1954. He was a scholar of Fulbright of U.S.A., a visiting professor of Harvard University, a visiting professor of Taiwan Fu Jen Catholic University, and a visiting professor Chinese University of Hong Kong. His main research fields are the History of Chinese Philosophy, the Neo-Confucianism of Song and Ming Dynasties, the History of Chinese Thought and the History of the Study of Confucian Classics. His main research achievements as “The Transform of Thought: Study on the Process of Beginning of Neo-Confucianism”, “The History of Study of Confucian Classics” etc.



19781982. B.A. in History, East China Normal University

M.A. in History of Thought, Fudan University

Ph.D. in Chinese Philosophy, Fudan University

Teaching Positions:

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of School of Philosophy, Fudan University


Research Interests: Xu Hongxing engaged in research of Confucian Classics under the tutelage of Zhu Weizheng and of Neo-Confucianism under the tutelage of Pan Fuen. Now his primary research interests are Chinese Philosophy, History of Confucian Classic, History of Chinese Thoughts, Song Ming Neo-Confucianism


Resent Research Focus: Tang-Song Chinese Philosophy and Confucian Classic, Education of Chinese Philosophy Classic, History of Modern Chinese Philosophy



Academic Papers:

Courses: history of Chinese Philosophy, Topics in Song Ming Neo-Confucianism, Intensive Reading on Four Books, Intensive Reading on Lao Tzu, Modern Chinese Philosophy



1997 Baosteel Education Outstanding Teacher Award

1997 the First Prize of Eastern Philosophy and Social Science Books (“The Transform of Thought: Study on the Process of Beginning of Neo-Confucianism”)

1999 the Fourth National Book Award (special grade)

2000 the Twelfth Chinese Book Award



?Director of the Institute of Chinese Philosophy History

?Executive Director of the Zhu Xi Institute of China

?Chairman of the Committee of Chinese Philosophy History, Shanghai Philosophy Society

?Vice President of Shanghai Confucianism Research Association

?Director of Confucianism Research Centre, Fudan University


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