Lin Hongxing
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Lin Hongxing


Contact Information

Office: Room 2417, West Main Guanghua Tower

Office hours: Tuesday afternoon

Office phone: 13916405582




Personal: Lin Hongxing, born in June 1963, Jiangxi province, is the professor of School of Philosophy, Fudan University. His pseudonym is Dong Fangshuo. He was awarded the prize of the “Across the Century Talent” by Ministry of Education. He is vice preside of the national Xunzi Research Association.



1995 Ph.D. Chinese Philosophy, School of Philosophy, Fudan University

1988 M.A. Ethics, East China Normal University

1983 B.A. Philosophy, East China Normal University

Teaching Positions:

1995-present School of Philosophy, Fudan University.

Visiting Scholar, Harvard University

Visiting Scholar, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Visiting Scholar, Institute of Humanities and social studies, National Taiwan University;

Visiting Scholar, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Visiting Professor, National Chengchi University, Taiwan


Research Interests:

Neo-Confucianism, Pre-Qin Confucianism, Contemporary Neo-Confucianists


Resent Research Focus:

Xunzi’s Thought, Zhu Xi’s Ethics






Academic Papers:


History of Chinese Philosophy, Xunzi Study, Selected Readings on Original works of Neo-Confucianism, Intensive Reading on Xunzi, Study on the Frontier Issues of History of Chinese Philosophy, Selected Readings on Pre-Qin Philosophers





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