Deng Anqing
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Deng Anqing


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Deng Anqing, Ph.D. of philosophy, is the professor and doctoral supervisor of Ethics, School of Philosophy, Fudan University.




1992 Ph.D. Philosophy, Wuhan University, under the tutelage of prof. Yang Zutao and Chen Xiuzhai, thesis on Schelling’s Philosophy.

1989 M.A. Philosophy, Philosophy, Wuhan University, under the tutelage of prof. Zhang Shiying (Peking University) and Zhang Zhiyang (Hubei University), thesis on Gadamer's Hermeneutics.

1984 B.A. Philosophy, Shandong University, under the tutelage of prof. Tan Xintian, thesis on Spinoza’s Philosophy.

Teaching Positions:

2003-present Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Department of Ethics, School of philosophy, Fudan University

2001-2003 Humboldt Foundation, Study on German Philosophy in Berlin, especially on Shelling’s Philosophie der Offenbarung, under the tutelage of prof. HansPoser (former Chairman of the German Philosophical Society)

1995-2001 Hunan Normal University.

?1997 Professor of Foreign Philosophy

?1998 Deputy Director, Institute of Foreign Philosophy

?1999 Doctoral Supervisor of Ethics

?2003 as the first academic leaders of Foreign Philosophy, successfully getting the Doctoral Program

1984-1995 former Navy deputy regimental commander, Naval University of Engineering, as lecturer in 1990 and associate professor in 1993.


Research Interests:

German Philosophy, Western Ethics, Applied Ethics


Resent Research Focus: Major Issues of Chinese National Social Science Foundation Research Grants: Research on the History of Western Morality Philosophy. Especially focus on finding background and substance of fracture and accommodation of ancient and modern ethics by studying the history of Greece to the medieval European ethics.





Academic Papers:


Introduction to Ethics, Nicomachean Ethics, History of Western Ethics, Intensive Reading on Western Ethics Classics, Kant’s Critique of Practical Reason, Moral Metaphysics, Hegel’s Elements of the Philosophy of Right, Nicolai Hartmann’s Ethics, Spinoza’s Ethics



The Fourteenth Chinese Book Award

Excellent Project of Chinese National Social Science Foundation Research Grants


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