Chen Yajun
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Curriculum Vitae


CHEN Yajun

School of Philosophy, Fudan University

220 Handan Road, Shanghai,

China 200433

Phone: +86-21—65642731

Cell: +86-13951882592


Personal Data

Date of birth: November 20, 1960

Citizenship: Chinese

Family: married to Annette Hillers-Chen; having a daughter Chen Nanding (first marriage), two sons Chen Lian and Chen Lean.


  • Ph.D. in Philosophy: 2000, Beijing University (Peking University)

  • M.A. in Philosophy: 1985, Nanjing University

  • B.A. in Philosophy: 1982, Wuhan University


  • Chinese - native language

  • English - fluent (oral and written)

  • German- basic skills

Academic Positions

  • Professor of Philosophy (Fudan University, 2016-present)

  • Professor of Philosophy (Nanjing University, 2003-2016)

  • Visiting Scholar (University of Pittsburg, 2009-2010)

  • Professor of Philosophy (Xiamen University, 2001-2003)

  • Visiting Scholar (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2000-2001)

  • Associate Professor, Philosophy Department (Xiamen University, 1995–2000)

  • Visiting Fellow (Yale University, 1993-1994)

  • Visiting Scholar (Harvard University, 1991-1993)

Academic Interests

  • Pragmatism and New Pragmatism

  • Post-Analytic Philosophy

  • Metaphysics

  • Wittgenstein

  • Chinese Philosophy



Reconstruction of Philosophy,

Beijing: The Publishing House of Chinese Social Sciences, 1998.

Pragmatism: from Peirce to Putnam,

Changsha: Press of Hunan Education, 1999.

From Analytic Philosophy to Pragmatism: A Research in Putnam’s Philosophy,

Beijing: Eastern Publishing House.

Metaphysics and Social Hope, A Research in Rorty’s Philosophy,

Nanjing: Jiangsu people’s Press, 2002.

Beyond Empiricism and Rationalism: Pragmatist Narrative and Its Contemporary Changes and Effects,

Nanjing: Jiangsu people’s Press, 2014.

Selected Writings on Pragmatism,

Nanjing: Jiangsu people’s Press, 2015.

Conversations with Brandom about His “making It Explicit”,

Shanghai: Fudan University Press (forthcoming)

An Anthology of William James, ed.& trans. ( with Wan Junren),

Shanghai: Far-eastern Publishing House, 1997.

A Selected Works of William James, ed.& trans. (with Wan Junren),

Beijing: The Publishing House of Social Sciences Literature, 2006.

Collected Works of John Dewey, Middle Works of John Dewey, Vol. 4, Trans. (with Ji Zhichuang)

Shanghai: Chinese Eastern Normal University Press, 2011.

Brandom, Articulating Reasons, Trans.

Shanghai: Fudan University Press (forthcoming)


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