Wu Xiaoming
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Curriculum Vitae


E-mail: xiaomingwu@fudan.edu.cn


Wu Xiao-ming


Personal profile:

He was born in Shanghai in July 1957, whose hometown is, however, Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province,.

He was among the first ones to be admitted to the Department of Philosophy of Fudan University after the restoration of “Gaokao”. After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in 1982, he followed Professor Hu Qu-yuan and successively obtained his Master's and Doctoral Degree in Philosophy. Now he is a professor and a doctoral tutor in the Department of Philosophy of Fudan University



He has successively been a visiting scholar at the University of Leeds, at the MIT of the United States and at Harvard University to study Wittgenstein’s early Philosophy and Philosophy of Science.


Major academic part-time positions:

a standing director of the Society of Dialectical Materialism of China, a vice chairman of the Society of Philosophy of Shanghai, etc.


Research areas:

history of Marxism Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and comparative Philosophy, currently especially dedicated to the study of the contemporary significance of Marx's Philosophy and of the Ontology.




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