Ding Yun
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Name: Ding yun (丁耘)

Office: Room2520, Guanghua West Main Building

Office Phone: 021-65485487

E-mail: dingyunfudan@aliyun.com


Academic Position

1Director of Center for the Study of Intellectual History

2Board member of Academic Committee for the Chinese Phenomenology



1994.9-1997.6Fudan University, Ph.D, Contemporary Foreign Philosophy, Phenomenology;

1991.9-1994.6Fudan Univerisity, Master,Foreign Philosophy,J. Fichte’s philosophy;

1987.9-1991.6Fudan University, Bachelor, Philosophy;

1984.9-1987.6Shanghai No.54 Middle School, High School;

Teaching Positions:

2013.4- School of Philosophy, Fudan Univerisity, Shanghai, Professor, Teaching and Research;

2002.4-2013.4 School of Philosophy, Fudan Univeristy, Shanghai, Associate Professor, Teaching and Research;

1997.7- 2002.4 Department of Philosophy, Fudan University, Shanghai, Lecturer, Teaching and Research;


Research Interests:

Phenomenology; German Philosophy; Ancient Greek Philosophy; Comparative Philosophy; history of political philosophy



Books published:

Confucius and Enlightenment(Beijing, 2011);

The Country with a Doctrine of the Mean(Fujian, 2014);

Metaphysics in seventeen Century;(co-author); (Beijing 2005)

Book Translated:

Basic problems of phenomenology by M. Heidegger; (Shanghai, 2008)

Academic Papers:

1.The Problem of Being in Logical Investigations, Husserl’s Logical Investigationsinthenew century(SpringerHague),2008

2.The contrast between philosophy and politics: an interpretation of Symposium,Thought and Society, 2004;

3.Being and Becoming: an introduction to the phenomenology of Dao, Logic and Metaphysics, 2005;

4.Neo-Confucius in Mainland and Confucius-Socialism, Wenhua Zongheng, Vol.4. 2010;

5.The “Chinese Consciousness” in Western Studies,Western Studies in China,2010;

6.Virtue, Class and Polity: from Aristotle’s theory of Politeia, The Ideal Political Oder, 2012;

7.Conflict, Harmony andMiddle Principle: on the basis of Chinese Marxism, Wenhua Zongheng, Vol.4. 2011;

8.The political arguments in contemporary Confucianism, Greek and Oriental, 2009;

9.Western Classics in China,Open Times,Vol.2, 2009;

10.On the Duties of contemporary Philosophy,Fudan Philosophical Review, Vol.4, 2008;


Ancient Greek philosophy; (for undergraduate)

Reading Guide to Plato’s Republic; (for undergraduate)

Selective readings in philosophy; (for undergraduate)

Selective readings in western philosophy; (for Graduate)

Phenomenological methods; (for Graduate)


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