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Curriculum Vitae




Dr.& Assistant Pro. Liu Ping got Ph.D. in philosophy from Fudan University.As Assistant Professor of Department of Religious Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai, P.R. China, he was Visiting Scholar of Oxford University, Graduate Theological Union , and WestminsterTheological Seminary. At least 12 courses are taught as follows as examples : The History and Theory of Judaism, Christian History in China, History of Christian Church and Selected Classics of Judaism (Pirkei Avos )The Bible and Western Religious Tradition, Introduction to the Torah,Introduction to the OT, Introduction to the Bible, Introduction to the Biblical Interpretation .


Till 2012, 10 books on Biblical studies and Judaic-Christian studies translated from English into Chinese had been published in Mainland China. Some of them are listed as follows:Church History In Plain Language ( Updated 2nd Edition) by Dr. Bruce L. Shelley had been published in 2004 by Beijing University Press;Christianity and Western Thought, Volume Two: Faith and Reason in the 19th Century by Steve Wilkens &Alan G. Padgett had been published in 2005 by Beijing University Press;

The Canon of the Scripture by F. F. Bruce had been published in 2008 by Shanghai People Press;The Canon of the New Testament: Its Origin, Development, and Significance by Bruce M. Metzger had been published in 2008 by Shanghai People Press;From Paradise to the Promised Land: An Introduction to the Main Themes of the Pentateuch by T. Desmond Alexander had been published in 2008 by Shanghai People Press;A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew By C.L.Seow had been published in 2008 by Eastern-China Normal University Press.


Till 2015, 3 books on Chinese Biblical studies and Chinese theological studies had been published. Some of them are listed as follows:Chinese Biblical Studies Under the Construction by Center for Advanced Biblical Studies and Application of Hongkong (2014); The Spiritual Death: Christianity and the Crisis of Modernity in Mainland China by Huamulan Publishing House of Taiwan(2015).


Since 2009, Series of Biblical Spirituality is chief-editor and some of books are listed as follows: Disappointment with God by Philip Yancey had been published in 2009 by Hainan University Press;A Long Obedience in the Same Direction By Eugene HPeterson had been published 2009 by Nanjing University Press;Leap Over A Wall: Earthy spirituality for Everyday Christians By Eugene Peterson had been published in 2009 by Nanjing University Press;Whats so Amazing about Grace? By Philip Yancey had been published in 2010 by Chinese Broadcasting and TV Press.


Since 1996, He has published major articles in the fields of Biblical studies and Judaic-Christian theology . Some of them relevant to Biblical studies are listed as follows: Modern Jewish Religious Movement :A History of Emancipation and Adjustment, Co-translation from English version by David Rudasvsky. Shangdong: Shandong University Press, 1996. 296pp.; “Reading Jewish Classics from the Perspective of Jewish Feminism” in: Studies of World Religion ,Beijing, 2001;“Globalization And its Challenge to Christian Theology” in: Regent College Journal, Vancouver, 2001;Biography of Jewish Celebrity, Co-author by Chinese scholars. He’nan: He’nan Literature and Art Publication,2002.


Dr. Liu Ping and his wife have one child. As Chinese citizens, they all are living in Shanghai.


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