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NameZhihong Xu


Contact Information

Office: Guanghua Tower, 2503

Office hours: Monday afternoon, 2016.3~2016.6

Office phone: /

Email: zhihongxu@fudan.edu.cn



I am now an associate professor in the School of Philosophy at Fudan University, Shanghai, China. My research interests include Marx’s thought of science, philosophy of technology, philosophy of ecology, body studies and feminist philosophy of science.




2005:Ph.D. Philosophy of Science and Technology

Fudan University, Shanghai, China

(Dissertation: Study of Marx’s View of Science)

2002:M.A. Philosophy of Science and Technology

Fudan University, Shanghai, China

1999:B.A. Philosophy; Minors: Literature, History

Fudan University, Shanghai, China


Spring 2006- , School of Philosophy, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

The main courses:

“Modern science and technology and the development of society”

“Philosophy of body”

“Philosophy of ecology”

Marx’s thoughts on science and technology

“Introduction to the dialectics of nature”


Research Interests:

The philosophy of technology


Body study

Feminist philosophy of science

The study of modern day life

Some Positions:



Main Publications

1. “On the Fragmentation of Life World and its Ontological Critique”, Teaching and Research, 2015.9

2. “Show or Fade Away——The Encounter of Life in the We-media Era”, Teaching and Research, 2014.12

3. “Return the Dignity to Existence——the Truth of Heidegger’s ‘Being Against Value’”, Study and Exploration, 2012.6

4. “The Two Clues during the Research of Marx’s View of Science”, From Advocacy to Reconsideration: Scientific View of Marxism and Modern Science Studies, Capital Normal University Press, 2009.3

5. “To Clarify the Premises during the Research of Marx’s View of Science”, Corpus of the Fifth Annual Academic Meeting of Shanghai Social Science, Shanghai People Press,2007.11


1. Science in the Context of Existentialism——the Study of Marx’s View of Science, Fudan University Press, 2010.9

2. Feminist Philosophy of Science, Fudan University Press, 2015.10

Academic Papers:


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