Yang Ruizhi
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Yang Ruizhi


Contact Information

Office: 2503, West Guanghua Tower, Fudan University

Office hours: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m., Thursday

Office phone: N/A

Email: yangruizhi@fudan.edu.cn



The whole motivation of my research is to understand what is truth, in particular, mathematical truth, in what sense we say a statement is truth, and how we can decide it. Although no restriction should be put on the methodology when pursuing the truth, modern mathematical logic is no doubt providing the most reliable and yet irreplaceable framework for us to address those fundamental problems. In my view, doing mathematical logic is doing philosophy, and is a beautiful style to do philosophy.




2010-2011 Harvard University, visiting student.

2009-2014 National University of Singapore, summer school in logic

2008-2012 Peking University, symbolic logic PhD program

2005-2008 Fudan University, logic master program

2001-2005 Fudan University, undergraduate


Mathematical logic

Set theory

Recursion theory

Proof theory



Research Interests:

Mathematical logic, philosophy of mathematics



Some Positions:







Academic Papers:

Frege on mathematical definition. To be appear.


On set-theoretical multiverse view. Studies in Dialectics of Nature (in Chinese), 2015(9), p.99-103.


Mathematical logic as a style of analytic philosophy: case studies on computability and randomness theory. Studies in Logic (in Chinese), 2014(4), p. 15-35.


G?del’s work on constructive mathematics. Studies in Logic (in Chinese), 2014(3), p. 12-29.


A pragmatistic view on philosophy of mathematics. Studies in Logic, 2012(1), p. 29-56.


Kant and G?del on the objectivity of mathematical truth. Philosophical Trends (in Chinese), July 2009, p. 75-80


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