Zhang Rulun
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Contact Information

Office:Guanghua West Bilding, Room 2405

Office hours:Tuesday 14:00-15:00

Office phone: 021-55665068

Email: zhangrulun19@163.com



Name (in pinyin and Chinese): Zhang Rulun张汝伦

Gender: male

Date of Birth: 1953

Place of Birth: Shanghai, China

Business Address: 220 Handan Rd., Shanghai




Dec. 1987, Ph.D, Fudan University.

Thesis Topic: Heidegger’s philosophy

July 1984, Master of philosophy, Fudan university

Thesis Topic: Gadamer’s hermeneutics

Teaching Positions:

Since 1987 Fudan university



Research Interests:

Chinese philosophy; German philosophy; intellectual history; comparative philosophy; political philosophy






1. A Commentary on Being and TimeShanghai, 2012

2. A Zhang Rulun Reader ( Shanghai, 2011)

3. Thinkers of Our Times ( Shanghai, 2009)

4. Thinkers of Political World ( Shanghai, 2009)

5. German Philosophy in 20th Century ( Beijing, 2008)

6. Essays on Chinese and Western philosophy ( Shanghai, 2008)

7. Trances of Thought ( Jinan, 2006)

8. Ten Eaasys on German Philosophy ( Shanghai, 2004)

9. Conscience and Theory ( Guilin, 2003)

10. Lectures of Contemporary Western Philosophy ( Beijing, 2003)

11. Investigation of Modern Chinese Thought ( Shanghai, 2001)

Academic Papers:


Introduction to The Analects; Introduction to Chinese traditional academy; German Idealism; Enlightenment; Contemporary Western philosophy


Chief-editor of Contemporary Chinese Philosophy Series.


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